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3. Kay Jewelers

See, a big ol' diamond makes everything better doesn't it you poor, weak woman. </sarcasm>

Since we started on the subject of consumerism yesterday, I figured why not continue today. After all, Kay Jewelers are also raining on my Christmas parade and I’m ready to go stand outside their offices all day singing their damn jingle and I’ll see how they like it.

Let’s face it, my spouse would love me to buy her diamonds every time I have an opportunity to get her a gift, but I’d bet my last dollar she’d be a lot less thrilled when she looked at my credit card statement afterwards. It’s not that I don’t love her, it’s just Christmas is not a “spouse” holiday. The spouse holidays are Valentine’s Day, and anniversaries. For those holidays I would consider a diamond. Please show me to your used diamond lot.

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Lexus bow commercial

Just one example of a little jab from the 1%. Seriously, it doesn't matter how much money you have, the bow will come off when you start moving.

Maybe I’m dating myself, but when I was growing up I don’t remember being asked for money every time I took a deep breath. But this December, if it’s not one person asking for me to open my wallet faster than a hooker opens her legs, it’s someone else. I noticed it the other day, when I was annoyed by the old guy sitting outside Giant, ringing his bell and asking people to give money to the Salvation Army. I was annoyed, and immediately I felt terrible, because it’s actually a good cause.

The problem comes because every 10 seconds from when I wake up to when I go back to bed, someone wants me to buy something or give money to some obscure cause. Frankly, I don’t have enough, and reminding me I can’t afford everything I want to do is just irritating. It’s not that I’m particularly short of cash; there are people in far worse situations than me, but the constant nagging gets to me in a sort of sibling-poking-you-on-a-road-trip type way.

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