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Footnotes To Life

Because sometimes we need them to help us understand…

Monthly Archives: January 2012

I was at the store the other week and I came across this packaging gem. I didn’t get a great picture (it’s a little creepy to stand in the mall and take pictures with your cell phone), so let me explain a little – the green thing is a little organizer and planner. The plastic bit with the writing is the packaging. It’s a box and it covers the whole thing to keep away nasty fingerprints.

My issue is this – the box prevents you from opening the planner. Why, then, should you have to be reminded to remove it? Are people trying to open the book while it’s still in the box? I’ve dealt with some pretty stupid people in my time, but I’d bet they all remove things from the packaging before they use it.

I also bought, around the same time, a little bag to attach to my bike. Inside the bag was one of those little bags of silica gel to keep the moisture at bay. Emblazoned across the bag was DO NOT EAT. Well, d’uh. I thought I was buying a bag, not a bag and filled tic-tacs someone at the factory hid from the foreman and then forgot about.

You know what’s even funnier? Silica Gel is actually non-toxic. You could, in fact, eat all the silica gel and have no issues with poison, just a slightly upset stomach. The recommended treatment for silica gel ingestion is to drink some water and wait for nature to send it out the other end. How does that warrant a warning large enough to make you think merely touching the stuff could make you drop dead?

So people, let’s do some smart things. Don’t eat shit you find lying in things you just bought, and remove the packaging before you try and write in a planner.

There, we just saved a whole bunch of ink.