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Footnotes To Life

Because sometimes we need them to help us understand…

You know those huge clunky things called books that sit around on shelves at your parents house? Maybe you remember the ones that cost a fortune to buy for the class you only showed up to twice while you were in college? Still no? Never mind.

They used to have things in them called footnotes. There’d be a little number in superscript next to a word and you could look at the bottom of the page for an interesting fact about said word. Some books used them a lot. Some didn’t use them at all. Some footnotes had funny information and neat facts in them. My history papers had boring publishing information for numerous dull books. Either way, I thought footnotes were great.

With all the bullshit we’re fed today, via politicians, media outlets, celebrities, commercials, etc., I think life needs some footnotes. Frankly, I intend to provide some. Here we’ll point out the ridiculous, the stupid and the logical fallacies invading our everyday lives.

I don’t have a political agenda, I’m pretty central. I don’t have a commercial agenda. All I have is a mind full of critical thinking that can barely watch 30 minutes of TV without having to stop and think “wait, what just happened?!”

I don’t even have any defined goals, just a desire to point out to the extreme left and the extreme right that 99% are still in the middle, wondering what’s for dinner and whether we should have picked up a six pack on the way home. After all, a little bit of satire never hurt anything.

So please, if you’d like to disagree, please do. If you’d like to agree, that’s okay as well. But please, back up your opinions with a real argument, otherwise you’ll get the same treatment.

These are the footnotes that should be included in some of the commercials we watch, some of the speeches we hear and some of the stories we read. You can make them yourself, all it takes is some critical thinking, run through a sarcasm generator.


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